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I have just finished up a new web site called . It has a very similar structure with Craig’s list. It is Turkish classifieds system which servers to Turkish people all over the world. In this system every country, city, area has its own classifieds system and categories.

Let’s list the key features:
No user registration needed to post!
Free to post ads
Unlimited regions, cities and areas
Complete search feature
Event Calendar
Email verification for ads
Image verification for spam protection
Picture upload with ads
Automatic resizing of photos to reduce dimensions and size
Option for users to report abuse
Automatic expiration of ads after a configurable duration
Automatic deletion of ads after a configurable number of abuse reports�
Form to email the poster, with attachment, without revealing his email
RSS feed.

You just need an email address to post an ad or an event.

Let’s explain how to post an ad:
Fill out the submission form.
Go to your email box and open the email we sent you
Click on verification link in that email
You are done..!

You would like to change, edit or delete your ad, don’t worry just go to your mail box and find the verification email that we sent it to you and find the link in that email says edit / delete your ad and just click on the link and edit or delete your ad.
You are done again..

If you would like to add an event, do same thing as posting an ad.
How do you like it? Turks have a Craig’s List too…
Enjoy your classifieds system. It is all free, it is a community program that free to use


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